FAQ, JOBS & about us

About: We produce/buy and sell hair- and hairstyling/hairdresser/barbershop related media content.

1) I can not find what I am looking for.  Contact us. English oder Deutsch prefered. We can help searching or make a custom session for you

2) I can not find a item or DVD from old shop here  Contact us. English oder Deutsch prefered. We will setup for you

3) I don´t have a credit card.  No problem. You can use Amazon Payment, Google Payment, Sofort, Klarna, Skrill, Cryptocurrency or just transfer to our bank account or send cash. 

4) Can i really watch the videos on my device?  Our videos are MP4 and run on each device. Smartphone, PC, Tablet, all OS. Order this FREE HD TESTVIDEO if you want to make sure. Videos marked as "4K" or "UHD" probalby do not run on older or slow devices. Try on this 4K testvideo if you are not sure. contact us if you have problems, let us know order ID you are referring to

5) Where are you located?  Germany. Berlin and Frankfurt. Several salons all over germany available. Shootings also possible in a salon near to you. 

6) I want to be a model. If you want to be paid for or if you want a free style, send us email to mail@hairmedia.de   We need a selfie, and need to know where are you located.  

7) I need a salon or model.  We have and can help contact form
8) How do you find your models. Here or model agency for hairmodels  
9) Can i talk/phone/chat/message/cyber with a barberette or barber? Yes. If you are regular customer, just contact us If not, pay for this service here.


10) How to donate for the youtube stream videos here?  Use superchat icon in chat or donate here or crypto via coinbase here

11) What is you email adress? Please use contact form

12) Do you have videos or photos which are not published here?

Yes a lot. We do not have a list. We will search for you. Let us exactly know what you are looking for. We can not waste our time for spammers and freeloaders, so there is need for at least one regular order in our shop to use this service. Please use contact form

13) I do not want to enter my full name or adress, how to order? We do not need these informations, unless you order a DVD. Email adress must be valid. Just enter anything  

14) Why is your staff so rude in chat or email?  We are rude to spammers, freeloaders and fakes only  :-)   We get 500 messages per day from this guys, asking for free pictures, models or salon adresses and other freebies or spam. Our time is limited. If you are customer (means you have spent 1 Euro or more here), let us know this, everytime you mail us and you get the service you deserve :-)

15) Why can´t i comment at youtube?  Probably you are blocked and there is a reason for. See 14) and use contact form

Jobs: We are interested in collaboration with models, photo-/videographers and stylists/salon owners.